First responsive website using Wordpress


Just finished a fully responsive website using Wordpress.The general style is clearly aligned with all the new 2014 web "trends" like web typography, responsive grid and the "clean and flat" look. Preview

3D Text composition in After Effects CS6


Played around a little bit with the extrude abilities of Video Copilot plug in "Element 3D".
High quality 3D extrusions,texturing and fast render times within After Effects

Beach party flyer design


Summer mood flyer composition for an upcoming party in the Greek island Kos

Black and red minimal website design

Modern black background website design project

Black and red minimal website design for a former employer.Pretty rich in all multimedia aspects including a video gallery and a lot of slide - accordion panels etc Preview

Brochure design

Brochure design

Black brochure design matching the company's new identity

Traditional Greek saddler website design

Traditional Greek saddler website design

It was a pleasure designing the website for the only traditional Greek saddler remaining in the market.Fantastic handcrafted products for farmers etc.The website is in Greek but probably we'll add an English version in the future.You can check it out here

Youth sports and nutrition logo contest

Youth sports and nutrition logo contest

The olympic museum had a logo design contest a few days ago and the subject was a youth sports and nutrition program. No matter the result it was fun so here is my entry

Cinema4D intense colouring logo design

Cinema4D logo design using a three light rig rendered with global illumination and ambient occlusion

My first render in Cinema4D using a three light rig, global illumination and a fantastic funky font

Sliced text in Cinema 4D

Sliced text in Cinema 4D

Sliced 3D text experiment in Cinema 4D

Theme user-interface desing for samsung's mobile OS Bada

User interface design made in Photoshop CS5 for Samsung's new innovative mobile operating system "Bada"

I was really excited when a new mobile OS appeared in the market so I created a theme / user interface to use on my Bada powered smartphone. Unfortunately Bada couldn't compete Android and IOS so Tizen is taking it's place.It used to be available here

Microsite mockup

Microsite web design mockup in Photoshop CS5 for a mobile marketing company

My latest mockup for a possible future employer that requested a mobile services microsite

Nasty bull

Bull illustration design using Photoshop and Illustrator CS5

Can a angry bull be a music fan? Tried to get there with this illustration composed in Photoshop

Colour deep invasion

Funky and strong type based logo design

Logo design for a friend's radio show.Strong typeface that gives a "tech" feeling.If you like getting groovy tune now on : (the website is down)

Portrait retouching

Advanced portrait retouching using Photoshop CS5 to achieve an Avatar look from the popular movie

I loved avatar, one of the best movies of all time. Definitely a unique cinematic experience..Good motivation to become part of the Pandora world

Apple wallpaper

Apple wallpaper design using Photoshop's CS5 3D extrusion capabilities

While I was trying the new 3D capabilities of Photoshop CS5 Extended I ended up creating an apple wallpaper, so, Go Apple !

Wallpaper designed In Photoshop CS4 for the new Intel quad core i7 series

Abstract design in Photoshop CS5 using some advanced glow effects

Abstract technique,lots of glowing and quite a few brush strokes

Credits for the brushes used in the project go to :

3D logo design

Advanced 3D logo design using Photoshop's CS5 3D tools

Logo design for the Australian jewish news that i used to work using the 3D capabilities of new Adobe Photoshop CS5 extended

Think green

Ecological mood logo design

Just love the planet, recycling is a "must". Think green composition

2D logo design

Logo design giving the pseudo 3D look and feel

Logo design for the Australian jewish news that i used to work for

Retro stylish text

Retro type design with a depth feel

Funky retro text style effect giving a pseudo extruded result

3D text

My first attempt to render text in 3D studio max using a multiple lights rig

3D text with glossy edges and various point lighting using 3D studio max